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Monthly Insights

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Welcome to the dedicated space for Mushrooms Inc.'s monthly newsletters. Here, we offer a narrative tapestry of our company's journey, threading together the progress and developments of our ongoing projects. It's important to note that this section serves a different purpose from our official news releases, which are disseminated through SEC channels. While SEC announcements are reserved for material information that may affect investment decisions or stock values, our newsletters are crafted to provide shareholders and interested parties with a more detailed and nuanced view of our operations, innovations, and milestones. They are a window into the day-to-day advancements that fuel the growth and evolution of Mushrooms Inc. For the most significant updates with regulatory implications, please refer to our official filings with the SEC.

By Month

June 2024

June: As we navigate through June, our journey of transformation and growth continues to bear fruit. Our commitment to upholding shareholder value, a theme reiterated in our previous communications, is once again evidenced this month. Not only have we refrained from issuing any new shares since September of 2023, but our actions towards enhancing stock liquidity and maintaining market stability have been robust and effective. Our focused determination is paying off as we pursue grant and government contract funding in an effort to reduce the debt and dilution associated with loans and investment funding. We continue to consider options...Click to read.

April & May 2024

April & May: Quiet Blossoming at Mushrooms Inc.

As summer begins it blossom, Mushrooms Inc. continues to quietly evolve with advancements in the innovative realms of mycelium technology. Here’s a brief overview of where we stand from April heading into May, keeping transparency at the core of our communication. Click to read.

March 2024

As spring ushers in a season of renewal and growth, our team at Mushrooms Inc. is thrilled to share with you the blossoming developments that are setting the stage for an exciting future. In this edition of our monthly newsletter, we delve into the fresh beginnings of our company blog, our collaboration with AI-driven marketing expertise, and significant strides towards patent validation through tangible prototypes. Click to read.

February 2024

The February edition of our newsletter showcases Mushrooms Inc.'s dynamic expansion and strategic initiatives, highlighting the launch of our innovative health supplements LONGEVITY and SPORT+, explaining steps towards a groundbreaking partnership in Germany, and the debut of our monthly video series aimed at enhancing stakeholder engagement. This update reflects our commitment to pioneering sustainable healthcare solutions, advancing biotechnology research, and fostering transparent communication with our valued shareholders and the broader community. Click to read.

January 2024

The January newsletter delves into the steady advancements of our pioneering mycelium-based bandage technology, detailing our robust corporate structure, unwavering shareholder confidence, and the significant strides in investment, marketing, and commercialization. Click to read

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