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Mycelium Power is the collaboration branch of Mushrooms Inc.  Our mission is to foster partnerships with mycologists, scientists, and innovators to help propel research while co-developing products to put its proven power into action.


The Benefits of Partnership with Mushrooms Inc. 

  • Sharing of intelligence, experience, investors, marketing, product creation costs, sales proceeds and desired results for the environment.

  • In order to compete with the current machines of production, we need to pool together our individual resources into a larger entity that will allow for big moves in the competing markets that we wish to enter. Mushrooms Inc. seeks to be that vessel, where those that come together are respected, rewarded and unified in their mission to be better stewards of the land, body and mind.

  • Mushrooms Inc. is a publicly traded company (MSRM) and creates an investor path that is broad. This avenue allows financial supporters to fuel discovery while reaping the potential benefits that the support garners. 

  • The scientists, the investors, the consumers and hopefully the planet at large benefits from this increased speed of collaboration. By creating cutting edge, scientifically proven and viable end products we will complete the circle, nourishing all involved.


There is no better time than now to be looking for natural, cost effective ways to better our lives and planet. Although mostly untapped, we have already seen how the world of Mycology can replace some of those prior bad choices. We look forward to the discoveries and are eager to take on the challenge of sharing the alternatives in the marketplace.

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What Is Mycelium?


Mycelium Is The Underground Network For Communication And Nutrient Delivery In Nature. It Is The Cleaner Of Our World As It Breaks Down And Absorbs Organic Matter. It Then Turns This Matter Into Nutrients That Can Be Used As Nourishment, Delivering It To The Plants And Trees That Need It Through An Intelligent Network System. This Is Exactly How Mushrooms Inc. Sees Its Research And Development Sector Working. With Our Partnerships We Magnify The Science, Develop Nourishing Innovative Products And Deliver Them Up Like Fruiting Mushrooms From The Mycelial Roots Of Collaboration.

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