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Unleashing Athletic Excellence: The Fusion of Mushrooms and Vital Nutrients in SPORT+


In an era where athletes constantly seek an edge, Mushrooms Inc. introduces SPORT+, a revolutionary blend that transcends traditional supplements. By harmoniously fusing the innate power of mushrooms with a curated selection of potent ingredients, SPORT+ emerges as a singular solution designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of athletes. This innovative approach not only simplifies the nutritional regimen for the consumer but also offers a unique concoction tailored for enhanced energy, focus, recovery, and reduced muscle cramping.

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The Power of Mushrooms:

At the heart of SPORT+ lies the strength of organic Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps mushrooms. Each mushroom brings its own set of benefits, from Lion's Mane enhancing cognitive function and focus, to Reishi supporting immune health and a balanced response to inflammation, and Cordyceps boosting energy production and oxygen utilization. These ancient fungi have been revered for centuries for their health-promoting properties, and their inclusion in SPORT+ ensures athletes receive a foundation of natural, adaptogenic support.

mushrooms inc - sport+-mushroom supplements-mushroom blend capsules-natural athletic support

Synergy with B-Vitamins:

To amplify the efficacy of these mushrooms, SPORT+ incorporates a full-spectrum B-vitamin complex. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, and B12 are pivotal for energy metabolism, playing a crucial role in converting our food into fuel. The "niacin kick," a notable feature of the SPORT+ experience, signifies the activation of this energy metabolism, offering athletes an unmistakable sense of readiness and vitality.

Addressing Cramping and Recovery:

Understanding the challenges of intense physical exertion, SPORT+ is enriched with Potassium Citrate and Mg Malate. These essential minerals are specifically chosen for their ability to support muscle function and reduce cramping, ensuring athletes can maintain peak performance without the hindrance of muscular discomfort. Furthermore, the inclusion of Maitake mushroom provides antioxidant support, aiding in the swift recovery post-exertion.

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A Comprehensive Athletic Solution:

By merging these ingredients, SPORT+ stands as a comprehensive solution that aligns with the rigorous demands of athletic performance. This blend not only supports the body's physical needs but also caters to the mental aspects of sports, offering a holistic approach to athlete wellness.


In SPORT+, Mushrooms Inc. has crafted a testament to the potential of natural ingredients in supporting athletic achievement. By uniting the ancient wisdom of mushrooms with modern nutritional science, SPORT+ serves as a beacon for athletes seeking to elevate their performance holistically. It's not just about pushing the limits; it's about transcending them with a blend designed for the ultimate athletic journey.

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