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Biodegradable  •  Anti-Microbial  •  Sustainable   •   Renewable

Mushrooms Inc. is the first company trading on the US stock market focused on the industrial side of Mushrooms under the ticker MSRM (OTC: MSRM)

Mushrooms, Inc. is part of a worldwide expansion into regenerative agriculture focused on the mushroom industry. We develop industrial applications of Mycelium hyphae for the creation of carbon-neutral products.

Our Research and Development is focused on bringing the science of mycology to the forefront of manufacturing by replacing toxic plastics, packaging, and improving medical threads and fabrics. 

In support of our ideals, a key strategic partnership is focusing on environmentally conscience remediation and restoration through mycoremediation.

Building Materials & Packaging, Textiles, and Health Care Applications

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mycileum cloth and fashion
Design Concrete
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Improving Industries. Improving Lives.


Mycelium will change the way we make clothes forever!

Mycelium will be one of the most revolutionary inventions in recent years. 100% natural and biodegradable, mycelium can be grown into materials that are luxurious, durable, and comfortable. What’s more, its production minimizes chemicals as it leverages innovative bio-engineering practices and green chemistry. 

Mycelium is a natural fiber that can be used as an alternative to plastics. By harnessing its power as technology and using it in products, we can replace the toxic plastic materials – like polyester – which accumulate in our environment.

Additionally, the process of growing mycelium is revolutionary because it allows for customization. Designers can adjust the thickness, strength, texture, flexibility, density, drape, and softness to suit their needs and create a new leather-like material that’s perfect just for them.


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Development of Bio-fabricated Materials in the Construction Industry

Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure

Different mycelium densities can be grown together seamlessly, making it a natural fire-resistant material, which can replace plastics, wood, concrete and polymers easily. This material can be moulded for forms that correspond to both exteriors and interiors, in terms of façades, furniture pieces and even walls.

Mycelium building materials serves as scaffolding for “living plastic,” a white, porous, and hard substance that’s nontoxic, fireproof, and mold and water resistant. Providing an insulation value of R-3 or R-4 per inch of thickness, mycelium can be used in applications such as insulation, structural insulating panels, acoustical tiles, and building blocks. Biocomposite mycelium sheets, which are virtually VOC free, can even replace conventional particleboard. Architect Magazine 2021


Product Manufacturers are Moving to Sustainable Packaging

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Packing Shipping
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Mycelium is a new sustainable packaging material that replaces less environmentally friendly options, such as plastic and polystyrene. It is a completely organic, farm-grown material made from the roots of a mushroom. The roots grow around a mould to form a custom structure which holds products safely and securely in transit.

Mycelium decomposes as an organic product, causing no harm to the environment. It can also be added to a home compost, ‘mulched’ into your garden or disposed of in a compostable recycling bin.


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We are improving the current threads and fabrics in use with our antimicrobial, anti-MRSA, renewable and eco-positive threads and fabric solutions. We are working together with leading scientists and medical supply innovators to implement this technology into the broad range of potential medical applications.


Mycelium Spooled Threads Become THE Textile of the Future
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Solutions for Textile Mills

Mycelium threads are regenerative, renewable, ethical and sustainable textiles.

The mycelium movement is creating eco-positive, cruelty-free, vegan and animal-free textiles that have the ability to clean our world in their creation.

*International Designer, Alexander McQueen presents mycelium-inspired collection in first New York show in 20 years. 2022


Mycoremediation for Environmental Restoration

Mushrooms have captivated human taste buds for centuries, offering rich flavors and abundant protein. However, these humble fungi have a hidden superpower that extends far beyond the kitchen. They possess a unique ability to break down harmful chemical pollutants, extract heavy metals, and even filter water. Enter mycoremediation, a groundbreaking technique that harnesses the natural capabilities of fungi to heal and regenerate contaminated land. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of mycoremediation, exploring its applications and the fascinating concept of adaptive learning in fungi.  Read More...


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Mushrooms, Inc. (OTC: MSRM) Announces Full Patent Filing for Groundbreaking Mycelium Technology Providing Bacterial Detection and Nutrient Delivery.

Mushrooms, Inc. (OTC: MSRM) Discusses Utility Patent Filing For MYCO Thread Applications on The Stock Day Podcast. 

Mushrooms, Inc. (OTC: MSRM) expands on full patent filing for Nutrient-Delivery Textile Innovation, MYCOThread. 

Meet The Team


Mycelium Power is the collaboration branch of Mushrooms Inc.  Our mission is to foster partnerships with mycologists, scientists, and innovators to help propel research while co-developing products to put its proven power into action.

Mushrooms Inc. is a publicly traded company (MSRM) and creates an investor path that is broad. This avenue allows financial supporters to fuel discovery while reaping the potential benefits that the support garners. 

There is no better time than now to be looking for natural, cost effective ways to better our lives and planet.


Contact us today for more information 


Contact us today for more information

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