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Discover the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science with Mushrooms Inc.'s exclusive range of supplements. Our Longevity and SPORT+ lines are meticulously crafted to enhance your well-being and athletic performance. We harness the potent power of mushrooms and other natural ingredients to create formulas that support your body's needs at every stage of life and every level of activity. Whether you're seeking to boost your daily health routine or elevate your fitness regime, Mushrooms Inc. provides the purest, most effective supplements to help you thrive.


Experience the essence of vitality with Mushrooms Inc.'s Longevity blend, a premium formula designed for those who seek to protect and prolong their health. Each capsule is a symphony of renowned mushrooms like Lion's Mane, Reishi and Maitake, combined with botanicals such as Pomegranate and Astragalus, renowned for their life-enhancing properties. Our Longevity blend is a testament to our commitment to holistic health, offering you a daily companion that supports telomere health, cellular rejuvenation, and overall wellness.

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Sport Plus

Elevate your game with SPORT+, a dynamic supplement engineered for the dedicated athlete. This robust blend features performance-boosting mushrooms like Cordyceps and Lion's Mane, fortified with essential B-vitamins and targeted minerals like Magnesium Malate and Potassium Citrate to optimize energy production and muscle recovery. SPORT+ is your ally in achieving peak physical performance and endurance, helping you to push boundaries and surpass your goals with every workout.

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